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Anadolu Türk Festivali, 27.05.2012

By Gülseren Çelik
Consul-General of the Republic of Turkey
On the Occasion of the Anatolian Turkish Festival
27 May 2012

Good afternoon, I wish to welcome everyone to the First Anatolian Turkish Festival,
It is indeed a great pleasure and honour for me to be here today. What a wonderful turnout,
Before starting my speech I would like to acknowledge;
Mr. Rıdvan Manav, President of the Bayram Turkish Cultural Association,

The Honorable Paul Lynch, The Honorable Linda Burney, The Honourable Laurie Ferguson,The Honourable Glenn Brooks, The Honourable Paul lynch, The Honorable Barbara Perry, The Honorable Shaoquett Moselmane.
Mr. Stephan Kerkyasharian,
Mr. Nick Kaldas, (NSW Police Deputy Commissioner)
Councillor Shane Mallard,

I would like to begin by extending my sincere appreciation and congratulations to Mr. Rıdvan Manav and all the members of the Bayram Turkish Cultural Association who organized this wonderful event. I also would like to thank the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and City of Sydney for their invaluable support which made this event possible.

Distinguished guests,
Turkey and Australia have been enjoying a special relationship since the Gallipoli War in 1915. It is a unique friendship whose grounds were laid in the trenches of Gallipoli.
While we are leading the centenary of 1915, it is high time to move this unique friendship forward and consolidate it in many fields, including culture.
It is quite surprising that despite the special bond between the two peoples they know very little of each other. That is why I, personally, attach great importance to these kind of cultural events that give an opportunity to introduce and promote Turkish culture to our Australian friends.

The first Turkish migrant group came to Australia in 1968, after signing the Agreement, in 1967, on the residence and employment of Turkish citizens in Australia. Within 44 years, Australians of Turkish origin have become an integral part of the Australian economy and to the multicultural structure of Australian society. Today, 150.000 strong Turkish-Australians are continuing to serve and enjoy Australia as their second home.
However, the promotion of the Turkish culture in Australia, especially here in NSW, has always been far below the level expected from the Turkish community. Since my arrival I have been encouraging the leaders of the Turkish community to hold festivals like this one.
The first major Turkish Festival in Sydney was held in 2008 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the first Turkish migration to Turkey. And this one, the Anatolian Turkish Festival is the second largest event since then.

The Bayram Turkish Cultural Association has done a great job and organized a wonderful festival. It provides a taste of the rich, diverse and colorful Turkish culture for those who have not yet had a chance to go to Turkey and an opportunity of recalling good memories for those who have already experienced the beauties of Turkey.
I am confident that the Anatolian Turkish Festival will be a resounding success and become an annual event, which the Sydneysiders look forward to experiencing each year. And the Turkish Consulate General will continue to be at our Australians friends’ disposal, who would like to have further information about Turkey and Turkish culture.
I wish everyone an enjoyable day.

Thank you.