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Şehit Başkonsolos Şarık Arıyak ve Koruma Görevlisi Engin Sever'i Anma Töreni, 17.12.2012

Saygıdeğer Konuklar,
Sayın Basın Mensupları,
Değerli Mesai Arkadaşlarım,

Bugün burada Ermeni teröristlerce 17 Aralık 1980 tarihinde görevi başında şehit edilen Başkonsolos Şarık Arıyak ve Koruma Görevlisi Başkomiser Engin Sever’i aramızdan ayrılışlarının 32nci yıldönümünde saygı ve şükranla anmak için toplanmış bulunuyoruz.

Bildiğiniz üzere geçtiğimiz yıl, sözkonusu hain saldırının gerçekleştiği bu noktaya şehitlerimiz Arıyak ve Sever anısına bir plaket yerleştirmiştik. Bundan sonra her yıl, ebediyete dek merhum Arıyak ve Sever’i bu plaketin önünde saygı, şükran ve rahmetle anacağız.

Sayın Şarık Arıyak ve Sayın Sever sırf Türk oldukları ve Türkiye Cumhuriyetini temsil ettikleri için ASALA terrörist Örgütü tarafından hunharca katledilmişlerdir. Maalesef bu Türk diplomatlarını hedef alan tek saldırı değildir. 1973-1984 yılları arasında 4 kıtada 21 ülkede Türk diplomatlarını hedef alan Ermeni terrörist Örgütü tarafından gerçekleştirilen 200 saldırı sonucunda 34’ü diplomatımız olmak üzere 58 kişi öldürülmüştür.

Bu hain saldırılarda hayatlarını kaybeden tüm şehitlerimizi bir kez daha rahmetle anıyoruz.

Törenimize katıldığınız için hepinize teşekkür ve şükranlarımı sunuyorum. Şimdi müsaadenizle konuşmamı İngilizce yapacağım.

Good morning and thank you all for coming
The Honourable John Murphy,
Distinguished Guests,

This morning, as we are gathered here to commemorate the late Consul General Şarık Arıyak and his security officer Attaché Engin Sever who were killed here, on this spot by an Armenian terrorist group I am once more filled with deep grief.

Exactly 32 years ago, on 17 December 1980, while the Consul General was leaving his home for the office, he and his security officer, were shot dead, in front of the eyes of Mr. Consul-General’s wife and his 8-year old daughter.

This murder was the first terrorist act of terrorism on Australian soil.

An Armenian terrorist group called ASALA assumed responsibility for the murder. However despite this the perpetrators have never been caught.

Our pain will be significantly lessened the day the murderers and any possible instigators are finally brought into justice.

Dear Guests,

Last year, in cooperation with the Waverly Council, we laid here this commemorative plaque in memory of Mr. Arıyak and Mr. Sever. This plaque, which serves as a recognition and condemnation of the first terrorist attack in Australia, constitutes an important part of the joint Turkish-Australian understanding and brings closer our two nations who share the painful memory closer.

I would like to take this opportunity extend, once more, my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Waverly Council, and in particular to Ms. Sally Betts the Mayor of Waverly, Ms. Meredith Wallace who is currently the CEO of Rockdale Council and Ms. Linda Bathur, for their willingness, support and cooperation in the installment of this plaque.

Distinguished Guests,
Mr. Arıyak, as the fourth Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Sydney, had served with great determination and dedication during his tenure between 1977 and 1980. He had made significant contributions to the bilateral relations between our two nations Turkey and Australia and worked hard in the service of Turkish Australians and our Australian friends. The honourable John Murphy knew him personally when he was at the time an official at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The dedication and the ultimate sacrifice of Mr. Arıyak and Mr. Sever will always be remembered by Turkey and Turkish Australians with gratitude and a feeling of indebtedness. And his memory will provide additional bricks and mortar in consolidating the friendship between the Turkish and Australian nations.

Dear Guests,
Mr. Arıyak and Mr. Sever were killed by a terrorist organization just because they were Turkish and representing Turkey. Unfortunately, that was not the only terrorist attack targeting the Turkish diplomats. It was only one of the 200 attacks perpetrated by Armenian terrorist groups in 21 countries and 4 continents between 1973-1984, killing 58 Turkish citizens, including 34 diplomats. Leaving behind beloved families in shatters.

Today we have among us the widow of Mr. Kemal Arıkan, the late Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Los Angeles who faced the same fate as Mr. Arıyak and was killed on Januray 1982 by the Armenian terrorist group.

These terrorist attacks, however, failed to prevent the Turkish diplomats to speak in advocacy of the truth. On the contrary, the use of violence aimed at inducing a state of fear in the victims, consolidated our resolve to fight against the defamation campaigns of certain groups around the world, including Australia.

Turkey will always stand resolute against the allegations of genocide by Armenians with regard to the events of 1915. In fact, Turkey has opened the Ottoman archives and proposed to form a joint committee including Turkish, Armenian and third party historians for an impartial scientific examination of this controversial period of history. However, Armenia neither opened its archives nor accepted our proposal to form a committee of historians to study the 1915 events.

Distinguished guests,
Terrorism in all forms are a crime against humanity.
No cause can ever justify terrorist attacks. Terrorism is a major violation of one of the most fundamental human rights, the right to life. All terrorist acts are criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivates whenever and by whomsoever committed.

Terrorism has no borders and values. There are no exceptions and no country is immune. International determination and cooperation is necessary for a counter terrorism strategy. Turkey has consistently and clearly condemned all forms of terrorism and will continue to actively support all international efforts to fight terrorism.

To conclude, I would like to pay once more a tribute to the memories of the late Consul General Arıyak and Attaché Sever, and all those fallen. Their sacrifices were not in vain and they will remain in the collective memory of our great nations.

Thank You for joining us in this very significant ceremony.