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Çanakkale: Yolun Sonu Filmi Galası Açış Konuşması , 26.04.2013

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen

As the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey, I would like to warmly welcome you all to the Sydney screening of the film: Gallipoli -The end of the road.

Tonight we have distinguished members of the Australian community, including Turkish born Australians.

With your permission, I would like to acknowledge some of the dignitaries. Who are here with us this evening,

-General Peter Cosgrove, Former Chief of the Defence Force and Chair of the NSW Centenary of Anzac Advisory Council

-Councillor Andrew Petrie, Mayor of Woollahra

-Major-General Michael Slater, Australian Army's Forces Commander

-Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie. Department of Veterans Affairs

-Darren Mitchell, Director of NSW Veterans’ Affairs,

-Mr. Christopher Sullivan, Director Protocol and Business Operations

-Ms. Danielle Morris, Deputy Director, NSW State Office of DFAT

-Mr. David Lawson, NSW State Director, Austrade

-Mr. Martin James Welsh, Consul-General of New Zealand

-Mr. Chris Perrin, NSW RSL Chief Executive Officer,

-Councillor Leon Goltsmon, Representing Councillor Sally Betts, Mayor of Waverley,

-Representatives of the Consular Corps,

-Australian historians,

-Presidents and Members of the Australian-Turkish Associations,

-Presidents and Members of Australian RSL Branches,

Today we also have Mr. Turgut Kaçmaz, son of late Hüseyin Kacmaz, the last Turkish veteran of Gallipoli and Mr. Asım İyidilli, son of another Gallipoli veteran Halil İyidilli.

Distinguished Guests,

Yesterday, ANZAC Day, the Australian people commemorated their ancestors who sacrificed their lives for their people and their country. Although 25th of April is the date when the attempt of the invasion of Anatolia started, today we see ANZAC Day and its spirit as a bridge between Turkey and Australia. That is why we named the cove where the ANZACs arrived ‘ Anzac Cove’.

The film we are about to view takes us back to those days.

The film was released in Turkey on 18th March which is commemorated Martyr’s day and the anniversary of the Victory of the Canakkale Naval Battles.
So I thought it appropriate to have the screening of this film a day after Anzac day.

In recent years Turkish people have shown a growing interest in historical movies and so as a result the number of Turkish films on Gallipoli has been increasing.

The film is directed by Serdar Akar and Kemal Uzun with a budget of 20 million dollars and 500 extras.

Gurkan Uygun, Berrak tuzunatac and Umut Kurt are in the leading roles. The story is about to brothers Muhsin and Hasan. Muhsin is a war veteran from the Balkan wars who distinguished himself as a sharp shooter. When his younger brother is conscripted he volunteers.

They are part of the reinforcement troops who arrive on May 25, a month after the Gallipoli landing to the front line. This film shares their journey of bravery and self sacrifice like so many others.

In Gallipoli, our ancestors, the Ottoman and ANZAC soldiers shared the same fate. Now all Mehmets and Johnies lie in peace in Turkey’s soil. This sense of shared experience between the soldiers of our countries has created a special affinity between our nations. That is why we wanted to share this film with our Australian friends today, telling a story in Gallipoli from the Turkish viewpoint.

Before I conclude, I would like to thank you all again for coming and extend my sincere thanks to Mr. Omer Mutlugün who brought this film here, Australia and our sponsors in general and especially, NSW Council of Turkish Associations, and MCK Lawyers, who made this screen possible. Please enjoy the screening.