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A Brief Look At the Rise of Modern Turkey (Presentation at the University of Wollongong), 15.06.2009

It is a distinct pleasure for me to be here today and to address you about a topic related to history. And beyond this it is really a great personal experience for me to be here, since I am very interested in history personally. Today I will try to handle the rise of the modern Turkey following the First World War, which started in 1914 and ended in 1918. On the contrary of the most nations, the war did not end for the Turkish people in 1918. We had to struggle this time for our independence. It is the story of what happened after the ANZACs left Turkey following the Battle of Gallipoli.

Australia is my second post as a career diplomat. The first one was Greece, which I spent two years. We have five missions in Greece. An embassy and a consulate in Athens, a consulate in the island of Rhodes, a consulate in Thessaloniki and a consulate in Komotini, where I served as a Vice Consul for two years.

Komotini is in the northern part of Greece and is the center of the Greek Thrace. The reason of the existence of a Turkish mission in Komotini is that there is a 150.000 strong Turkish minority living in there whose minority status has been established by the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923, which constitutes a turning point in terms of the rise of modern Turkey.